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New members - what rule ?

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1 New members - what rule ? on Thu 2 Jul - 10:05

Hi everyone,
until now, the PEJA subvention was kind of a rule for recruiting new people : almost everyone "interested and interesting" was welcome as long as nationality groups remained balanced.
But now, how should we proceed to invite new people ? One should of course introduce the potential participant to everyone before considering (s)he's part of the group. But more precisely ? At what time should one confirm him/her that (s)he's part of the group ?

We need some confirmation rule to avoid saying "ok" to the new participant then "uh wait, maybe, we have to discuss". The new participant needs to know if it's ok or not to organise himself/herself.
I'm not convinced in voting, first because it requires organisation and second because it's kind of closing the discussion.
I think the best would be to consider the new participant as part of the group if nobody objects within a certain time span after (s)he was introduced. Like one or to week(s).
What do you think ?

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2 Re: New members - what rule ? on Sat 4 Jul - 16:34

What about trusting each other? Supposing that we all understood the spirit of the whole project?

For instance Louise's interests and skills seems to fit well with the project, I mean that you knew that she might feel good in the project and this is the most important thing. Of course I'm open to any other ideas.

Also, I think we will target people around us, from our close network or further, and i don't know if we will have to "cast" anybody.
The first person interested/interesting will take the place eventually.
Places are super limited anyway, 3 for the romanian team (Adrian is on it) and 2 for the spanish team, Oscar is on it and Yolanda gave me already 3 contacts.
I thought that we could find first people from the Konvent collective from where Oscar is coming and Yolanda is hosted for the occasion.

We'll see! but yes! What do you guys think we should do!? Smile

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