Transdisciplinary workshop : the Loop

Preparing an international and transdisciplinary creativity workshop exploring the concept of loop.

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What skills are you willing to share ?

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It would be nice to know what types of technique(s) you guys can share during the workshop, and what do you need to be able to share it.


Because we can already imagine the technical potential of this workshop and thus we can figure out what is possible and what is not regarding the collective creation.

This way, we can also prepare equipment according to your needs and/or know if you plan to bring your own toys (knowing that Synaps collective has an insurance in case of any troubles).

Also, we can figure out the potential of knowledge that can be shared. The residency can be the opportunity to improve and discovers some techniques. They might be analogical or digital, concrete or abstract, whatever, the important is to be willing to share it. Of course, you are not obliged but you have to know that this residency will be a place to learn from each others in a total informal way, without any pressure.

You might think that you don't know what to write about your skills, you cannot define a specific one because you don't code C++, Python, Java or else like some people.. So simply share your previous works and experiences, it will be super enhancing as well and we will find out how skilful you are, because actually, you know how to do a bunch, a tone of things! So please, feel free to share all this as well.

And for those who knows C++, Python, Java or else, let's plan some initiation workshops in order to understand each others, to know what's possible to do with these languages, and perhaps to give birth to the will of learning how to talk to a computer.. Smile


What I can share is expected but that's how it is Smile
I'll prepare a small video feedback workshop, I'll gather different ways of generating video feedback, in order to understand what works well or less well, how to generate different qualities of video feedback loops and how to make living mandalas.. This way, if you wish, you can use this technique for the workshop or in your future works.

Also, I can show you how to make video editing with the free software Cinelerra and Blender. I don't know if we'll need this skill for the workshop, but if you need for your future works, we can do it of course.

I'll bring 2 PC's, my cameras (x2) and 2 webcams. I guess I'll use the beamers from the venue, they have 3 of them and so do Synaps.

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