Transdisciplinary workshop : the Loop

Preparing an international and transdisciplinary creativity workshop exploring the concept of loop.

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(Todo) Global presentation of the workshop project

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[Gather here the "official" texts about the workshop, like subvention candidacy presentation. It may also open the discussion about how we see the project in general, what we want it to be.]

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Presentation of the project:

This is the project of a residency which aim is a single interactive and participative modular installation that encompasses a variety of feedback methods :
we would like to experience the combination between video feedback, audio feedback, neuro-feedback, human feedback, analog-fashioned feedback by experimenting with lights, shadows and any processes and ideas that can materialized into forms the notions of interaction, reciprocity and iteration that we can find anywhere around and within us, due to the fractal nature of the Universe.

It will be a collaborative work, where everybody will join in the brainstorming. The purpose of the residency is not only the final object, but the way to reach a common goal at several brains and hands, sharing our skills and ideas, reflecting about the cybernetic notion of feedback and through an ethical and political point of view, questioning ourselves about technology in our world, its mode of production, what can be the way out, is there any and what for? etc.

The project aims to offer to participants the space and time to create, experiment, reflect and discover an original way of creating that implies the connection of all the creations in one.

We will provide gears such as BCI's, Kinects, film making and projection gears, but feel free to bring with you the tools you like to work with.

We would like to gather different perspectives and to create bridges between everyone's practices through the organization of small workshops all along the residency, that will allow us to connect our skills, to share our knowledge and to build one installation all together.

When the project has been written and even way before, we - Rosalie, Hélène and I, as members of Synaps Audiovisual collective (the project holder organization) - were willing to propose this way of organization:

About the organization, it would be interesting to strive to a collective self-organizing, trying our best to take decisions in an horizontal way, avoiding the most we can voting because we would like to develop and improve our capacity to debate and experience positive and fruitful conflicts by managing the power balance collectively as well as personally.

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Here is a short summary of the project, given to the european comission Erasmus+, they might use it in their publications and also to feed the Erasmus+ dissemination platform.

Some members from the collective Synaps Audiovisuel, propose a project of learning based on the experience of a particular context of collaborative creation : the making of a multimedia, interactive piece that will come out from a collective work, in which miscellanous knowledge will be employed. Both artistic and scientific practices will be solicited and questionned. The collective experience will focus around an original and open topic that will be used as a catalyst for the reflection as well as for the organization of the project's activities. The theme of our project of training is « feedback ». In short, it is a loop that repeats itself infinitly and changes in contact with outside elements. This theme which is an omnipresent phenomenum that surrounds us, will strive to generate questions connected to the « cause and effect » notion, including collateral problematics linked to our use of technological tools. We have intitulated our project : « Feedback as catalyst for one collective work ».
The mobility project would occur from the 1st to 15th of November 2015 and would be welcomed at the association Fées d'hiver's venue based at Crévoux in the Hautes-Alpes in France. The project will gather 20 young people and youth workers from Romania, Spain and France, all with multiple skills : young engineers, programmers, interactive installation creators, video artists, musicians, etc. The making of one common artwork as context for a non-formal and informal learning will aim to stimulate the inter-cultural and inter-generational exchanges between young people and youth workers, to involve them actively in the collective and horizontal organization of the project's activities in which skills will be interconnected, and to develop their capacity of critical analysis, of collective reflection and making decisions.

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