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Preparing an international and transdisciplinary creativity workshop exploring the concept of loop.

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Self introduction

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1 Self introduction on Mon 22 Jun - 10:27

Hi everyone,

I'm Antoine, I'm a prototyper. I'm interested in many things, but what I do has often to do with perceptions/illusions, and interactivity.
Interactivity means using sensors. Adding a sensor to a device is like giving it life, and I'm fascinated by what makes this plausible and poetic. Interactivity is also very close to synesthesia, as it's often about linking signals of different nature (like touch and sound, movement and animation, frequencies and colors...). Interactivity is also about ergonomy (as it's about creating new interfaces), which is a very interesting subject.
I (used to) do electronics and software for artistic projects involving interactivity. I like creative stuff, but I don't consider myself as an artist. More as a creative technologist.

Some projects I was involved into : (zepetra)

We have been talking for a long time about adding interactivity in video feedback with Magali. I'd like to put silhouettes of people inside the feedback composition. For instance, in this installation at 0:40, the silhouette in the street is the guy looking at the fresco (the camera is on the right, so the silhouette is turned by 90°). I'd like us to do a video feedback performance and put several webcams a bit everywhere in the place... And design a software allowing Magali to use the silhouettes in her composition.

I'm also very interested in giving esthetic representations of EEG signals. Not only as data art but also as a synesthesia.

I see my role in the workshop as a "technical facilitator", linking what people do (for instance shape EEG data in a signal that can be used in VFX or in a musical atmosphere).

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2 Re: Self introduction on Sat 4 Jul - 11:39

Hello loopers!

I am a video maker working (a bit obsessively) with the process of video feedback for more than 10 years since finishing a master degree in 2001, at The University of Art in Toulouse. Here is one of the work I presented :

I'm also a self-taught color grader, working on short movies, documentaries, experimental long-features movies, any movies I like and want to support, that can't afford expensive post-prod, that's why, 2 years ago, I decided to work for free price.
I am a free software users (mainly Gimp, Cinelerra, Blender, Ardour). With some Synaps members, we try to develop a free software post-production professional workflow.

Come back to feedback topic : I've been around the world to travel collaborating with sound makers and video makers, performing live acts incorporating video feedback processes and I have been organizing workshops in order to spread the video feedback technique "DIY at home" (with the secret goal of making people stop watching TV brainwashing stuff and to develop their creativity and capacity of being inspired)...

Here is my blog dedicated to video feedback :

Some videos of video feedback workshops :

Some recent collaborations (video feedback + coloured oils/digital fractals/lights and shadows/audio feedback) :

Here is a little bonus : -> I interviewed a mathematician friend, Emmanuel Ferrand, who is fond of feedback and has a lecture called "Feedback as a fundamental principle of the world".


With the Synaps collective, I participated to 2 previous european workshops such as the one we propose, they were related to different topics but had the same will of sharing knowledge and experiencing an horizontal type of collective organization based on mutual help and understanding, something which looks like Anarchy..

The idea of this workshop came last year, when I met people who practice other types of feedback loops (audio and neuro). On top of it, Rosalie got inspired with her work on "new rituals" + shadows & lights, and we started to talk about "human feedback". Hence, we needed to create a space/time to experiment, opening the experience to other humans/perspectives, that's why we are all gathered.
I am eager to see how all this will evolve, to discover the potential of one meeting focus on this specific topic and how it might enhance our work, our way to create and to think creation.

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