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Surveillance video feedback

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1 Surveillance video feedback on Mon 22 Jun - 11:05

We have been talking for a long time about adding interactivity in video feedback with Magali. I'd like to put silhouettes of people inside the feedback composition.

Can you see this video ? I'm not sure it works technically. Here's the link however :

At 0:40, the silhouette in the street is the guy looking at the fresco (the camera is on the right, so the silhouette is turned by 90°). I love this idea of being in what you're looking at. If the camera is from the side, it's even stronger because you don't get that it's your silhouette at first.
I'd like to push this further :
- putting silhouettes into a video feedback instead of a "simple" fresco
- putting several webcams all over the place, like a surveillance cameras network, taking silouhettes from people even if they're not aware at first
- using silhouettes as shadows, maybe mixing them whith real shadows
- playing with time : silhouettes captures can be looped, reversed, played later. I like the idea of having the surprise to see a silhouette in the "fresco" doing a move I did a few minutes ago. I already worked on this question in this project : (zepetra)

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